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Trusted and Experienced Mobile Vets

Outstanding Mobile Veterinary Care & Service In Your Pet's Home Environment

CT VETS is London's top quality mobile veterinary service, providing your pets with the highest standard of professional and compassionate care in the secure and peaceful environment of your home.



We are committed to visiting your dog or cat on the same day, and within 1-3 hours in case of emergency


Opening time:

9 AM - 8 PM Monday to Friday

9 AM- 6 PM Saturday

24/7 Emergencies                


Out Of Hours: Registered Clients benefit from 24/7 coverage, we do our best to fit all other emergencies in our schedule.




There is no need to say that your furry friend is usually much more relaxed at home. In the quiet and familiar domestic environment, we can carry out a relaxed, in-depth examination of your pet, we will have time to discuss with you about all the aspects of his/her health. We will answer any questions you  might have.

This is what CTvets experience is about: CareTrust, and peace of mind.





Your house is a secure place, there is no risk of encountering sick animals with infectious diseases or parasites ( think especially to your little puppy or kitten not having been vaccinated yet)


Don't waste your free time driving in the traffic and  waiting at the vet practice, just wait for our arrival at your home, take your time, relax or keep doing your usual activities while  we look after your little friend.


Your pets are very comfortable at home, some dog, but almost any cat and rabbit  hate to be carried to the vet practice, it's stressful for them to be closed in a carrier and to wait in a crowded reception room


During the visit, we can provide you with appropriate maintenance food, dietary supplements, interactive toys and everything you need for your dog or cat.


We take our time to make a complete and in-depth consultation,to  speak to you about your pet and to go for further investigation if needed. No rush, no queue, just attention, and competence.

Do You Need A Vet For Your Pet?

Call us or text us anytime. We Deliver the Highest Level of Veterinary Care to Your Doorstep 24/7.​

CTvets is registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon in the UK (RCVS)

CALL NOW 07469 877 179



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